Search Engine Marketing For Beginners

In today’s competitive climate it is becoming harder and harder to easily attract new business. With a large number of promotional methods available it can be difficult to choose one that will guarantee the results you expect to achieve. For new business owners looking for value for money, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very economical method of business marketing.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a technique that uses search engine visibility, particularly in Google as a marketing medium. Examples of SEM are paid inclusion, pay-per-click and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which uses methods to increase organic search engine rankings, organic rankings are results that you get for free.SEO WorldwideSearch Engine Marketing offers enormous flexibility in that a marketing campaign can be setup for both the short and long term. Short term with PPC marketing which, when done properly will bring buyers to your business virtually overnight and a good SEO campaign will produce excellent results in the long term.

With the growth of the internet, traditional marketing or offline marketing as a primary marketing medium for small and medium business may not prove to be as effective as SEM. The main difference between the online and offline world is that an online campaign can be put together and made live in a very short period of time, whereas an offline print campaign for example, may take weeks or months to complete.

No offline marketing method offers such flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness.

The other advantage of search engine marketing is that people are already searching for products and services on the net which means a business has access to prospective buyers; they just need to put their offer in front of them.
Aside from the instant nature of online marketing, SEM is a very reliable form of marketing as the results are measurable and ROI can easily be calculated. Best of all, campaigns can be fine tuned on the fly to maximize effectiveness.

Offline marketing still has a place in today’s marketing landscape but should always be combined with an effective online strategy. A dollar spent online today can produce results well into the future.
Small and medium business owners should not ignore the online world, it is growing every day as more and more of us tend to purchase products and services online. It is all about convenience and as shopping online is convenient, so is online marketing.